Kids grow up fast and parents often get too caught up in daily activities to think about their child’s future. Writing down all your experiences, hopes, and lessons for your future adult child will help give them a better understanding of how you were at that age and what they should expect in the coming years. Your child is young now, but what do you want to tell them when they become an adult?

Past Experiences

Tell your child all about your past experiences. Explain what your life was like as a teenager and a young adult. Your child didn’t know you at that age, so it’s good to give them an insight to what you were like before starting a family. Write about where you lived, your memories, and fears. You can also include past experiences with your child. Tell them if they slept through the night as a baby or what their first birthday was like.


What do you wish you knew as a teenager or young adult? Reflect on the experiences you went through at that age and back it up with advice on how you overcame it. Lead your child through the highs and lows of growing up and taking on the next stage of life.


Think about the wishes and hopes you have for your child as an adult. Do you wish they’ll be passionate about school? Do you hope they’ll find great friendships? Try to visualize what your child will be like as an adult and write down what you hope for them.


Give your child valuable lessons to help them succeed throughout the next years. Depending on the age they read your letter, they could be starting a new sport or going off to college. Were you told to prioritize school or never give up? Consider the lessons you needed to excel and share them with your child.


Talk about the things you cherish. Include a recent memory or major milestone that has just occurred. Writing about the present day may remind your child of a memory they might not remember as an adult. It’s also a good way to keep track of stories you want your child to hear in the future.


Switch over from focusing on only your child’s future and include yourself in the letter. Tell your child about the things you promise for the future. Do you promise to always listen or be patient? Let your child know you’ll always be there for them.

Sometimes writing a letter is more effective than lecturing with advice or a lesson. A detailed letter is the perfect opportunity to tell your child exactly what they mean to you. Take this chance to dedicate a letter from your current self to your future adult child. Not only will your child hear stories and advice they’ve never heard, but they will forever get to hold on to this letter to look back on.

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