Curriculum - Arizona Online Charter School



Using browser-based Google Classroom (no installation required), Arizona Online Charter School (AOCS) prepares students based on Arizona’s College and Career Ready (CCR) Standards.

Today’s high school graduates are entering a global workforce and must be able to compete for jobs or college admission, not only against their peers in Arizona, but in other states and even other countries. That’s why AOCS employs the CCR Standards, used by nearly every public and charter school in Arizona, and similar to standards used in almost every state in the country.

The Arizona College and Career Ready Standards are designed to improve educational outcomes for students by raising the bar for student performance to ensure they’ll be college and career ready.

The Arizona Department of Education has helpful information for parents who would like to know more about the CCR Standards.


At Arizona Online Charter School, we utilize an instructional program called Beyond Textbooks to guide our curriculum. Beyond Textbooks “refers to a philosophy of teaching and learning that transcends textbooks and state standards to strengthen support for communities of teachers, facilitate teaching and learning, and improve student growth and achievement.” 

More information on Beyond Textbooks can be found here.