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About Us

Children across Arizona can now receive a quality, K-8 online education, meeting the highest educational standards. Our instructors are certified or rated Highly Qualified by the State of Arizona and are dedicated to giving Arizona children an excellent, well-rounded education.

Arizona Online Charter School was born out of necessity during the pandemic. When we began distance learning, we discovered that parents, teachers, and students found learning-at-home to be beneficial for many children and it became the preferred method of education for many families.

Arizona Online Charter School is a tuition-FREE, not-for-profit charter school providing an exceptional educational environment that focuses on incredible academics, community involvement, and family values.

The virtual classroom we provide centers on more than everyday academics. We follow the Arizona State Standards while simultaneously implementing a family-values curriculum. Students are taught about values that will help them both academically and socially, like trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

Arizona Online Charter School’s teachers and staff make your children’s educational experience both entertaining and challenging through a variety of programs and community service projects.

Arizona Online Charter School adheres to the same major laws and regulations as all other in-classroom and public schools. What makes Arizona Online Charter School special is that, as a charter school, we have the freedom to set our own rules with regard to curriculum and teaching styles, giving us the ability to be much more responsive to parent, student, and family needs.