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Utilizing the Six Pillars of Character

Arizona Online Charter School offers a unique cultural atmosphere, emphasizing family values. To help children learn ethics and values Arizona Online Charter School incorporates the Six Pillars of Character, which focus on trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship to teach students essential life skills. We teach these six character traits and make them a part of our outstanding academic curriculum.


According to the Oxford Dictionary, one who is trustworthy has “the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful.” If you’re trustworthy, you don’t deceive, cheat, or steal. Being trustworthy also means that others can rely on you because you do what you say you’ll do. You can build a reputation for trustworthiness by being a person of your word and being the type of person that friends and family can depend upon.


Some aspects of respect are being considerate of the feelings of others, being tolerant and accepting of differences, and dealing peacefully when faced with anger, insults or disagreements. Use good manners, be polite and follow the Golden Rule—treating others the way we’d like others to treat us.


Showing responsibility means doing what needs to be done, possessing self-discipline, and being the type of person others can depend on. Being responsible also means being accountable for one’s words, actions, and attitudes. Responsibility is a crucial component to success and should be practiced and displayed every day.


Oxford Dictionary defines fairness as “impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination.” The definition is short, but this can be a hard pillar to demonstrate because, while fairness should be viewed objectively, it’s often subjective; what you think is fair, another may not see the same way.


Oxford Dictionary defines caring as “the provision of what it necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.” This means you should show compassion, understanding and consideration for others. Caring also mean that you treat people with honesty, loyalty, respect, and fairness. A person who truly cares for another or about something important to them will often feel an emotional response to both the pain and the pleasure of others. So show someone you care this month!


Being a good citizen means doing your share to make your school and community a better place, either by yourself or through cooperation with others. A good citizen stays informed and gets involved in local affairs, always striving to make the community a better place. A good citizen is a good neighbor who obeys the law, protects the environment and volunteers to help others.