We hope all of our students got off on the right foot for the start of this school year. Now that we have gotten through the very beginning, it’s the perfect time for a few reminders.

  1. Don’t forget we have a dress code. Just a reminder that here at Liberty, in order to encourage a disciplined learning environment, we require students to adhere to our uniformed dress code. Solid-color polo shirts in the school colors—red, white, or navy blue—can be worn, as can Liberty School shirts. Slacks, shorts, jumpers, capri pants, and skirts in khaki, black, or navy blue may be worn. Please note that no form fitting clothing may be worn; uniforms should not be either excessively baggy or too tight. The dress code applies to all students at all times during the school day, including after-school events, except when waived by an administrator for a specific activity.
  2. I.T. (Parent Involvement Team) Meetings. Our first Back-to-School P.I.T. Meeting of this school year will be held on August 3rd. On August 20th, our meeting will focus on Title I.
  3. Free- and Reduced-Lunch Program applications are available. We ask that all parents fill one out, as these applications are used to determine some of our federal funding. The standards for qualification change yearly.
  4. Parental involvement is encouraged. Liberty Traditional is always happy to welcome parent volunteers, though all volunteers at school and for school events must have background and fingerprint clearances on file with the office.

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