It used to be that kids went to school, dads worked and moms stayed at home. Once in a while, mom might bake cupcakes for a school party, but she probably didn’t attend it. Parents didn’t decorate doors and bulletin boards, serve on committees or volunteer in the classroom. MAYBE they helped with homework; but even that used to be way less common. Homework was the child’s responsibility.

Not everything has changed for the better but, in general, study after study indicates that parent involvement is fundamental to a child’s academic performance and relationship with school. So, as Oprah says, “When we know better, we do better.”

Coincidentally, Oprah’s website offers 38 ways that parents can be involved in schools. Many of them are for parents who work during the day. You might find these ideas useful.

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One point that is particularly interesting is that spending as little as three hours being involved over the course of the school year can be effective in helping your child. What ways do you like to be involved with your child’s school?

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