School is out for the summer! Here is a helpful guide for parents on how to have a fun and productive summer.

Set a Routine

Stay organized with your kids this summer by setting a weekly routine. No matter the age, children will get cranky as the summer goes on and they have nothing to do. Set certain days for them to tidy up the house and clean their rooms, then have other days open for activities or playing outside. Having a schedule for each week will set you up for a smooth summer.

Summer Camps

Why not sign your kid up for a summer camp? Do they like playing sports or art projects? Find a summer camp that caters to their interests. Please keep in mind that many of our schools offer weekday camps! It’s a fun experience and great way to make new friends. Your child will be learning fun new skills, and staying active.

Get Outdoors

Kids enjoy fresh air. Encourage them to grab their bikes or play outside. Getting them to run around playing tag or draw with chalk will keep them occupied. Want them to get more creative? Let your child build a lemonade stand outside your home to attract nearby neighbors. They can go into business with friends and might even make a little money.

Take a Road Trip

Pick a nearby town where you’ve never been, and bring your kids along for the ride. A day trip full of trying new foods and exploring new places is the perfect way to have an adventure together. Making family memories is a great part of summer!


What child doesn’t like to eat sweets? From cookies to cupcakes, treats to bake are unlimited. Look up a new recipe each week and have your kids help you create the masterpiece. They will love being a part of the baking process, and with all hands on deck it makes for a fun way to spend time together.


Contributing to a greater cause can be impactful for all. Take your children to volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen. Or, have youngsters clean out their closets so old toys can be donated to children in need—a little goes a long way.

With these helpful ideas, your kids will be busy all summer long. Plus, they’ll go back to school in the fall with fun memories to tell their friends about. Have a safe and wonderful summer!

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