The holiday season is often called the season of giving. We remind our children that it is important to give to others less fortunate than us around Thanksgiving and Christmas because not everyone gets presents or has warm clothes to wear in the cold months. Parents can carry on the season of giving and make it a year-round occasion that kids will look forward to.

Why Volunteer?

Giving back teaches kids to be grateful for the privileges they have. Volunteering benefits them, as well as the community your family lives in. Getting involved allows children to make a positive difference in someone’s life while also teaching them a valuable lesson. Helping out in community organizations will also give students a better perspective on life and the real world. Kids will gain knowledge, develop communication skills, and learn to collaborate with others. You can instantly make someone smile with a conversation at a homeless shelter or a birthday card given to the elderly at a nursing home. One simple action of giving back can create a huge lasting impact.

Where to Volunteer?

The options of places to volunteer are endless. Your child can make a difference at any organization of their choosing. Here are some ideas to get your child involved in community service:

  • Encourage your student to volunteer at a place they’re interested in. Do they like dogs and cats? Suggest that they offer their help at a Humane Society, as long as they are old enough or with your help. Hosting a fundraiser to benefit the animals or organizing a supply drive to collect pet toys would be a helpful way to give back to this type of cause.
  • Kids are always outgrowing toys and clothes. Get them involved in donating their extra items to a charity, homeless shelter, or local Goodwill. Their closet will be cleaned out, all while benefiting the community you live in.
  • Interested in baking? Bake a dessert with your child then hold a bake sale. Afterwards, donate all money made to a charity of your child’s choice. Or, bring the baked goods to a nursing home and brighten someone’s day.
  • Keep the neighborhood clean. Have your child organize a clean-up project for all the neighborhood kids. Helping pick up the trash while making friends is great way to get involved and have fun at the same time.
  • Does your child love drawing with crayons and markers? Make others equally as happy and donate art supplies to kids in a homeless shelter.
  • Remember how much your child enjoyed reading their favorite childhood books? Have them select old books give to the local library and let younger kids enjoy them just as much as they did.

Any type of community service will make your student feel good and make others happy. We should all realize the importance of giving back and make it a monthly goal to volunteer. Encourage your child to get together with their friends and see where they can start volunteering today!

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