With school out for the summer, keep your kid’s creative juices flowing by encouraging their creativity with these fun art ideas:

Art Projects

  • Have your child pick out their favorite colors, grab a pair of plastic gloves and lots of rubber bands, and tie-dye a t-shirt! Make a shirt your kid will cherish for years to come.
  • Turn an art project into a game by making a Frisbee with two paper plates taped together and markers with which to decorate it. After they create the design, they can go out and have fun with their latest art project.
  • Have your child create an item they can wear with the main components of a poster board, contact paper, and their choice of colored flowers. A flower crown fit for a king or queen!
  • Put tin cans to use by making a wind chime. Start with empty cans and let kids add paint and glitter, along with a wire holding it through the middle. Hang them near a window, or somewhere outside so that everyone in the neighborhood can see how talented your children are!


  • Get your child’s creativity running at full throttle by giving them color chalk to play with. Chalk can be used to draw, play hopscotch or trace their friends.
  • Put all those boring rocks outside your home to use. Kids can paint rocks with their own unique design, then display them outside of your house.
  • Fill up a kiddie pool with sand and let your kids play like they are at the beach. With toys like shovels, buckets, and sandcastle tools, your kids will be busy for hours thinking of ideas for their sand pit.
  • Let children splatter paint outside with a canvas board and bottles of paint. Their creative minds will be put to work to create a masterpiece.

From making tin can wind chimes to drawing with chalk, encourage your child’s creative juices to flow this summer with some artful projects.

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