Parents, buckle up, it is time to get ready for school! School resumes at Liberty Traditional on Wednesday, July 30th, so it is time to get geared up for your children to resume their educations.

Key preparations for starting a new school year should be getting your children organized prior to their first day. Teachers and staff at Liberty are in the midst of getting organized, and well on their way for the start of the new school year.

Being organized does not always guarantee family harmony or academic success for your children, but it certainly cannot hurt. A smooth back-to-school transition does provide an opportunity for success as the school year unfolds before your children each day.

Perhaps the biggest issue that develops during the first few days and weeks of a fresh school year is the newness of everything. It could be a new teacher, new classmates, or even a new school for children to attend. Hopefully, your children already know the teacher for their class and they have most of their friends joining them during the new school year.

Here are tips to better your children’s success for the new school year:

  1. Motivate them to attend school every day. They will miss out if they are not there.
  2. Help them to feel comfortable asking their teachers questions about their schoolwork.
  3. Encourage them to pay attention in class and always try their best.
  4. Activate homework after school each day. Everyone needs practice in order to achieve more.

It’s important that you have all of the arrangements for your child’s education taken care of prior to the start of school.

To request more information about the Liberty Traditional Phoenix Campus, click here and fill out a short form. A school administrator will contact you. As an Arizona charter school, Liberty Traditional accepts all students through open enrollment.

Liberty Traditional is committed to developing well-rounded, healthy students and community members through small class sizes and individualized attention. In addition to learning math, science, reading, writing, social studies and the arts, our students learn the importance of being good people and good citizens.

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