Here are some cheerful thoughts for our wonderful Liberty students.

It’s great to have weekends and vacations. We all need them! But what would you REALLY do if you didn’t go to school most days? Let’s face it, most students get a little bored just hanging around home. When was the last time you were at home and told your parents “there’s nothing to do”?

Here are 10 Great Reasons to Like Going to School:

  1. Time away from your family gives you new experiences and new perspectives every day.
  2. You actually see friends instead of just texting them.
  3. Learning is more fun in a group.
  4. You get free and easy access, on a daily basis, to cool stuff like computers, sports fields and a library.
  5. You are taught by caring teachers who will help you achieve your dreams! Wherever you want to go to college or whatever you want to be when you “grow up,” teachers are integral in helping you meet your goals.
  6. Too much time at home gets boring. School hardly ever does.
  7. You are invited to games, concerts and other school events.
  8. You belong to a community that is working towards a common goal.
  9. Something new happens every day. That’s not usually true when you just hang around at home.
  10. Free public education is a gift that not everyone in the world gets to take advantage of!

Let’s all celebrate the fantastic community we share at Liberty!

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