Gadgets for Christmas

With Christmas here, some children may ask you to get them new computers, better internet at home, maybe e-readers or other electronic gadgets. If your family budget can accommodate them, these can be a huge help for your child in school, keeping students excited about learning outside the classroom, or motivating them to hit a specific goal such as perfect attendance or a B in math.

Getting into ‘character’

Every Liberty student can recite the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. We have students from kindergarten through eighth grade in our school, from different cultures – yet every one of them finds plenty of situations to relate to.

A new adventure begins

The date may creep a little earlier each year, but back to school is a ritual that has remained the same for decades: The new school supplies and clothes; the excitement of reuniting with one’s friends; the dread of losing summer mixing with the anticipation (whether or not older kids will admit it!) of what a new school year may bring.